Benefits of a facial

  • Facials leave your face looking fresh and rejuvenated.
  • Your skin type can be identified by the therapist and advice can be given as to which products are best for your skin type.
  • Regular facials help to reduce any minor skin imperfections.

Contra indications of Facial

  • Any Infectious skin diseases or disorders.
  • Around any open skin, infections or and severe bruising to the skin.
  • Sever eye infections.
  • Any known allergic reactions to our products
  • If the area has a bad case of sunburn.
  • Over or round any recent scar tissue.

Mini Facial (Express Microzone Facial)

A mini facial (Express Microzone Facial) is half an hour long. Using Dermalogica products we carry out a cleanse and an exfoliation, which is followed by mini massage then finished with a tone and moisturise. From £20

Luxury Facial (Customised Dermalogica Facial)

A luxury facial (Customised Dermalogica Facial) is a 45 minute treatment, using dermalogica products. We begin by cleansing your face using Dermalogica face mapping skin analysis. We then select the best products for your skin type and continue with a facial exfoliation and steam. If needed, we clear any blocked pores you may have using a facial extraction, ending with a face mask to suit your needs. Your treatment is completed with a facial massage, tone and moisturise. From £30


Paraffin Wax / Delux Facial

A Paraffin Wax Facial has all the benefits of a luxury facial with the added specialized paraffin wax. Paraffin is great for dry and aging skin. It helps to remove impurities from the skin as well as adding plenty of moisture back into your skin, leaving it looking bright and rejuvenated. From £40


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